Zur Erforschung der 'Western Desert of Egypt'
(Ecological Studies in the Libyan Desert of Egypt and N-Sudan -
vegetation ecology of the Sahara)

Zusammengestellt von Dr. Harald Kehl und Dr. Frank Darius - TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie
(Compiled by Dr. Harald Kehl & Dr. Frank Darius - TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie)

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SiteMap (Hommage an Reinhard Bornkamm)
Introduction (Ge) Research area with sample sites in Egypt and N-Sudan
    Different research areas in detail with sample
    sites, and distribution of some species (uncomplete)
  UG1 of NW-Egypt (Mersa Matruh - Qattara Depression)
  UG2 of C-Egypt with species distribution
  UG3 of S-Egypt with species distribution
  UG4 of SW-Egypt (Gilf Kebir)
  UG5 of N-Sudan with species distribution
List of all plant species List of all species determined during our fieldwork
    with chorotypes, lifeforms,
    locations, and several photographs of species
  Acanthaceae - Chenopodiaceae
  Cistaceae - Geraniaceae
  Iridaceae - Poaceae
  Polygonaceae - Zygophyllaceae
List of Publications Online Publications
    (Titles of articles have been shortened)
    B = Bornkamm, D = Darius, K = Kehl / Ge = german, En = engl.
  Plant communities - Western Desert of Egypt (B&K - '90)
  Short summary  
  Pages 149-168 [20 pp., 5,46MB]
  Pages 169-188 [20 pp., 2,87MB]
  Pages 189-208 [20 pp., 3,44MB]
  Pages 209-231 [23 pp., 2,99MB]
  List of Species discussed in this publication [1,1MB]
  Allochthonous ecosystems (B - '87) [08.05.04]
  Landnutzung in der Extremwüste (B&D - '99) [17.11.06]
  Landscape ecology of the western desert (B&K) [1MB]
  Pflanzengeographische Zonen in der Marmarika (B&K '85)
    Short summary (En)
  Plant comm. of Dungul Oasis (B et al. '00) [15.09.06]
  Life cycle Stipagrostis scoparia hillocks (B et al. '99) [09.08.06]
  Landscape Ecology and Vegetation Units (K&B '93)
    Short summary (En)
  Zonation of vegetation in oases (K '87) [2MB]
  Soil vegetation relationship ... (K et al. '84) [2MB]
      Short summary (En)
Some Results Some results in detail
    from NW-Egypt (coastal area and Marmarica Plateau)
    to S-Egypt
  Runnel vegetation of Raqabet el Sikka
  Plaja vegetation near Abu Mukaiyat
  Plant-soil-zonation of Bir Tarfawi oasis
  Table with ecological desert types
  Climatological map of Egypt with isohytes ...
  Plant geographical analysis - 1: Elements
  Plant geographical analysis - 2: Territories
  Comparison of lifeforms and chorotypes
Landscapes, Locations Typical Landscapes of the Western Desert of Egypt
and more   and N-Sudan, and more interesting information
  NW-Egypt, coastal area, irrigation methods
  NW- and SW-Egypt, Erosion valleys and Wadis (Queds)
  C-Egypt to N-Sudan, sandy desert or Erg
  Hamadas or Hammadas (rough stony desert)
  Gravel desert - Serir
  Fossile lake sediments - Yardang reliefs
  White Desert around Farafra oasis
  Phytogenetic sand mounds - Hillocks or Hummocks
  NW-Sudan, Wadi Howar near Rahib Wells (Sahel-character)
  Wadi vegetation, SW-Egypt - Gilf Kebir
  Oases: Nukheila / Merga oasis
  Prehistory of SW-Egypt and NW-Sudan (some findings)
  Animals in the desert, friendly and unfriendly encounters
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