Zur Erforschung der 'Western Desert of Egypt'
Ecological Studies in the Libyan Desert of Egypt and N-Sudan
Vegetation Ecology of the Eastern Sahara

Zusammengestellt von Dr. Harald Kehl und Dr. Frank Darius - TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie
(Compiled by Dr. Harald Kehl & Dr. Frank Darius - TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie)

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UG 1: NW-Egypt - Sample sites and selected species distribution (will be compl. contin.):
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Selected species (photographs):

Asphodelus microcarpus Salzm. & Viv. (= A. aestivus Brot.)
Periploca angustifolia Labill.

Farsetia aegyptia Turra
Stipagrostis plumosa (L.) Munro ex T.Andersson

Randonia africana
Capparis leucophylla DC

Anastatica hierochuntica L.


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  For more photographs of species (selection only) cf. List of all species found in the framework of the research project
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