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Zur Erforschung der 'Western Desert of Egypt'
(Ecological Studies in the Libyan Desert of Egypt and N-Sudan / vegetation ecology of the Sahara)

Zusammengestellt vonDr. Harald Kehl - TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie
(Compiled by Dr. Harald Kehl - TU-Berlin, Fak. VI, Inst. f. Ökologie)

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 Landscapes, typical vegetation, and some other findings
Focus:   Area and Location:   Click thumbnails:  
Coastal area in springtime   NW-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district   Frühling an der Küste
    Coastal area  
    Field side vegetation  
Agriculture with rain-water   NW-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district   rain water harvesting
harvesting in wadis     Coastal area with nummerous  
      shallow wadis  
Runnel vegetation   NW-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district   runnel vegetation
    Marmarica Plateau  
    2. Scarpment  
      20km S of Mersa Matruh  
      Research Results  
Plaja vegetation   NW-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district   ring shaped plaja
    Marmarica Plateau  
      60km S of Mersa Matruh  
      Research Results  
Foot hill vegetation 1   NW-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district   foothill vegetation
    Qattara Depression  
Foot hill vegetation 2   northern edge  
Pottery Hills SW-Egypt, Abu Ballas   Pottery Hill
    Exped. EG2, Nov. 1982  
Erosion valleys or wadis   NW- and SW-Egypt   Wadis
(Queds)   Qattara Depression  
    Gilf Kebir  
Ergs or sand desert   N-, C- to S-Egypt, N-Sudan   Barchane
Hamadas / Hammadas   N-, C- to S-Egypt, N-Sudan   Hammada
Kieswüste / Serir   C- to S-Egypt, N-Sudan   Serir im Sudan
gravel desert        
Yardangs (Seesedimente)   C- to S-Egypt, N-Sudan   Yardangs
fossile Ablagerungen        
fossile lake sediments        
Weisse Wüste bei Farafra   C-Egypt   Weisse Wüste
White Desert around Farafra        
Hummocks / Hillocks   N-, C- to S-Egypt, N-Sudan   Hummocks and Hillocks
      phytogenetic sand mounds  
Wadi Howar region   NW-Sudan, near El Atrun and Rahib   Wadi Howar - NW-Sudan
      Wells, Wadi Howar region  
      with Sahel-Belt character  
Wadi Vegetation   SW-Egypt / Gilf Kebir   Wadi Vegetation in the Gilf Kebir
Nukheila / Merga oasis   NW-Sudan / Darfur  
Prehistoric times   NW-Sudan / Darfur  
Some Animals   Friendly and unfriently meetings   Animals of the Western Desert of Egypt
 Mentioned locations of the Western Desert of Egypt and N-Sudan
  According to (and other sources, will be completed continuously)
Location: Lat. / Long.: Region: Detailled investigations:
Abu Mukhaiyat 30°41'16.80"N / 27°10'44.73"E NW-Egypt
Bahariya Oasis 28°15'11.94"N / 28°56'32.96"E C-Egypt
Dakhla Oasis (Centre Mut) 25°29'15.88"N / 28°58'58.04"E C-Egypt
Dungul Wells 23°26'05.50"N / 31°37'20.46"E S-Egypt
Farafra Oasis 27°03'27.63"N / 27°58'09.82"E C-Egypt
Girba Oasis 29°20'41.19"N / 25°21'00.77"E NW-Egypt
Kharga Oasis 25°26'25.86"N / 30°33'25.65"E C-Egypt
Kharga Oasis - Bulaq 25°12'03.18"N / 30°32'08.83"E C-Egypt
Kurkur Oasis 23°54'03.55"N / 32°19'05.02"E C-Egypt
Mersa Matruh (MM) City 31°21'17.96"N / 27°14'03.08"E NW-Egypt
MM district: 30°42'31.80"N / 27°15'16.09"E NW-Egypt Near Abu Makhaiyat, 61km SE MM
"Würstchen-Plaja I"
MM district: 30°43'39.48"N / 26°36'14.21"E NW-Egypt MM - Siwa 99,5km
"Würstchen-Plaja II"
MM district: 31°05'53.94"N / 27°18'51.81"E NW-Egypt Raqabet El Sikka , 32km SE MM
MM district: 31°05'53.94"N / 27°18'51.81"E NW-Egypt "Scherental" , 32km MM-Siwa
MM district: 30°10'50.33"N / 26°14'55.52"E NW-Egypt "Salvia-Plaja" , 166km MM-Siwa
MM district: 30°21'21.98"N / 27°17'08.57"E NW-Egypt "Gips-Plaja" , 20km N of QD
Nuweimisa 28°42'07.98"N / 26°43'40.55"E NW-Egypt
Qara Oasis 29°36'55.39"N / 26°29'47.36"E NW-Egypt
Ras El Qattara(h) 30°10'40.74"N / 27°15'51.35"E NW-Egypt
Sitra(h) Oasis
28°42'43.42"N / 26°53'48.03"E NW-Egypt
Siwa Oasis
29°12'10.56"N / 25°31'03.59"E NW-Egypt

 Detailled researches in the Western Desert of Egypt and N-Sudan
  Distribution of vegetation units - detailled researches.
  NW-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district, 23km SSE of Mersa Matruh, 2nd shallow scarpment; 'Runnel vegetation of Raqabet El Sikka
  W-Egypt, Mersa Matruh district, 61km SSE of Mersa Matruh, Marmarica Plateau, 'Ring-shaped Plaja Vegetation near Abu Mukhaiyat'
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