What are the objectives of  AGNOS ?
A Basic-Ecological-Data-Analysis B Transducable Research, Education and Ecosystem- Management
Most distinguished targets of AGNOS are advanced, applied and transducable research and education (MSc & PhD) covering the scopes of landscape ecology and regional planning. The punctual consideration of envolved stakeholders and economical needs are of special importance. This kind of applied research is conceived as a chance of environment-compatible development of modern industrial societies.

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Main focus of AGNOS is the effective environmental management for conservation and improvement of life conditions in the scope of ecologically based regional planning and development under consideration of landscape protection, preservation, assessment and sustainable resource management, legitimized on basic research including soil science, climatology and vegetation ecology.
Consequences of human impact on floristical and faunistical habitat conditions are demonstrated and simulated on the basis of today's interpretation methods (e.g. GIS) and application of actual computer technics and embodiment (e.g. multivariate statistics).


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