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In cooperation with the purchaser and on the basis of defined project targets and analysis concerning the respective present environmental situation (e.g. species diversity, abiotic environmental parameter and socio-economical conditions, carried out by AGNOS) the interdisciplinary project implementation will be performed by highly qualified scientists of different disciplines. Generally, directly or indirectly involved public and private stakeholders will be invited to participate to accomplish tranparency in environmental projects.
As emphasized in 'Methods', generally, the landscape ecological estimation of present state and trend projections (scenario) by AGNOS and partners will be presented both to the purchaser and involved stakeholders, understood as a precondition for transparancy of distinguished ecological based planning intentions.

Management concepts are introduced by AGNOS. The appraisal and selection of
concepts for landscape planning environmental protection take place also under inclusion of all stakeholders und comprise the presentation of plans developed with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), e.g.:
  • for protected areas,
  • for maintenance, conservation and development as well as
  • prevailing landscape plan
  • accompanying plan for landscape preservation and
  • organizing plan for green areas
The implementation and the management of landscape ecological planning is ensured by Bio-Monitoring and Efficiency-Controll-Systems developed by AGNOS. The integration of involved stakeholders is of high priority, to broaden the relevance of ecological based planning for sustainable resource management as a basis for successful future prospects.

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