Who is  AGNOS ?
[LöKAT-LINK]AGNOS  resulted from the inter- and multi-disciplinary research project LöKAT, a Landscape Ecological Complex Analysis in the Amanos Mountain of SE-Turkey, carried out by Dr. Harald Kehl.
AGNOS is a planning and consultation enterprise in the range of ecological oriented and applied environmentally research, e.g. Mediterranean vegetation under human impact (SW-Turkey).
cooperates also with scientists of different disciplines of the Institute of Ecology at the Berlin Technical University.
Associated partners of AGNOS  are independent scientists of distinct ecological disciplines, mainly experts with the scope of landscape ecology, ecosystem preservation and management. They possess several years of national and international experience in project development and project management.
Partners of cooperation and purchasers are customers interested in expert opinion regarding development plans, sustainable resource management, Environmental Impact Assessment and national as well as international regional planing institutions, especially in the E-Mediterranean.

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